Elementor to Roll Out Significant Price hike from 9th of March 2021

Hi All, a quick but important update, Elementor Pro Pricing will significantly rise starting 9th of March 2021. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the existing pricing so that you pay less and stay on the existing pricing for long term. Current pricing: check here

So, if you are planning to become a web-designer, wanting to design websites for clients, this update would be pretty helpful and a cost saver for you.

For example: Current Elementor offers 1000 websites License at $199. Going forward it will be 25 sites only.

Who does it impact the Most:

  • Aspirants wanting to become web-designers / Website Agency and create amazing websites for clients using Elementor Pro. Because, with the current plan you will only pay $199 for 1000 websites license. With the new pricing you will end up paying $999.

Take Advantage before its gone.

  • If you desire to create websites for clients using Elementor Pro, then choose the Experts plan before 9th of March, to stay on the existing pricing. Existing Active Subscriptions will have no impact on their pricing. Thats the good news.